Publishing History


Black Stockings

Mount Peace


 The Devil Will Find You   -- The Woven Tale Press 2017

Sherry at the Knights of ColumbusSaturday Evening Post 2017

Wasps - Falling Star Magazine 2017

Bella By Barlight –  EastLit Journal 2016

ChickadeesEmry Journal 2016

Count RumfordDrafthorse Journal 2016

Why Can’t He Be You? – Ray’s Road Review 2015

Balloons – Mindprint 2006

A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square – published by Carve Magazine 2002 and Best of Carve 2003


ALSO: Chickadees read at Liar’s League Club stage in Greenwich Village, 2015


Unpublished (a sampling)

Mugwah the Winged Tortoise of Love                   

Spring Bulbs

Elderly Man Kills Wife, Self                                    


Town Without Pity

A Portrait of the Artist with a Younger Man           


Blue Gardenia